The Moon Poem

by Gary Henry
(Lawrence, KS)

When I was a little child,
I used to dream of running wild
Like a wolf or fox or cat;
Or flying like an eagle, hawk or bat

But one evening, more like
a little mouse,
I softly slipped out from
my parent's house.
Into evening October chill,
Down the path and up the hill

Seeking ghosts and shooting stars;
upon the earth, but wanting Mars
I crept at first, but then I ran,
A wayward pup, a little man.

In blood and honey in the West,
The sun retired to its rest
Leaving just a pumpkin glow,
An orange burn, ebbing slow

And I waited on the hill,
For I knew not what, and I was still.
I sensed a vast thing coming near
And felt a little thrill of fear

Of a werewolf perhaps
Or UFO, and in the East I saw the glow
Of something arising behind the rise
I was too scared to even close my eyes!

Then in silver wine and silent thunder,
huge and bright with dread and wonder
With glaring eyes and jutting nose
And frowning mouth, the Moon arose!

And looked around for what he could see
And on the hill, spotted me!
A little babe, a tiny tot
A small male speck rooted to the spot

"What do you want?" his Moon voice boomed
And I knew right then that I was doomed
I was too scared to make the least reply
To the giant face that filled the sky.

"Have you naught to say, Oh little pup?
Then perhaps I should just eat you up!
Oh cease your shaking little fish
For I know you've come -- to make a wish!

So make it fast, and say it right
Or I will give you such a fright
That I doubt you'll ever sleep at night!"

So. A magic wish was mine to make!
And did I wish for toys and cake?
Did I desire the Golden Fleece?
Or with big heart ask for world peace?

No! For with all the Moon-fright that
filled my head
I simply wished I was safe in bed!
Then in a twinkling, I was back
Tucked safe and warm up in the sack!

Through open door into the room
Peered two friendlier faces than the Moon's
Mom and Pop, come to say "Goodnight,"
See I was OK, and turn out the light

But I'm not sure that this is all
For sometimes I truly do recall
A last smile on the Moonly face
Suddenly kind and beaming grace

He said, "Many wishes float my way
But this the best I've heard today.
Henceforth all who beg this boon
Can be sure I will grant it soon!"

Sometimes when my life is sour
I wish I'd asked for wealth and power
But whether riches or poverty are your life
Whether you live in harmony or in strife

When everything is done and said
It's hard to beat going safe to bed.

# # #

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