The Naughty Nanny

by Vernon Waring
(King of Prussia, PA-USA)

Her name was Nanette -
A student from France
Who wore red blouses
And sexy red pants

She wanted to check out
The U.S. of A.
So a couple with twins
Hired her right away

The twins had their own
Ideas for fun
They loved Disney World
Their place in the sun

They frolicked on rides,
Ate hot dogs galore,
Loved parades, Mickey Mouse,
Fireworks, and more

But Nanette's heart wasn't in it
The job was no fun
She had no real interest
In tending to the young

Nothing could cheer up
This nanny from Paree
She'd rather read tabloids
Than watch twins under three

She clearly preferred
The company of guys
With muscles, tattoos,
And Jello shots on the side

The guys were bad boys
Completely entranced
By the Parisian charmer
And her flair for romance

But the parents were upset
With her profligate passion
They decided to dismiss her
In a daring fashion

They took her to the
Tower of Terror one day
And left her shrieking
As they ran away

And that was the last time
They ever caught sight
Of that naughty Nanette
From the City of Light

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