The Night Before Thanksgiving

by Jodilyn Bjorling
(Gilson, IL)

The night before Thanksgiving
My mind's a frenzied twist
Because I have to add another page
To my relentless shopping list;
Already it's a thick novel,
And I, the tragic heroine, am sinking fast;
Is there no end to this mad fiasco
Before I breathe my last?

Oops, I forgot to pick up the centerpiece
That I reserved at the mall;
I'd go for it,
But my son is playing basketball;
I promised to watch the game,
Even though I'm a wreck;
Like one of those Russian spies,
I wish I could defect.

My in-laws will be early,
They always are;
Oh, I just remembered--
I've got to pick up the car;
The transmission flat-lined
While I was waiting at a light;
If I have one more diversion,
I'm going to fly a kite!

I'm going to cook the turkey in a bag,
My mother-in-law says it works;
She watches all the cooking shows
And knows the latest perks;
She reminds me: whip the mashed potatoes,
Obliterate every lump;
I hope the house stays clean
And doesn't look like a dump.

This Thanksgiving Eve,
I'm going to take a breath, relax;
Darn! I forgot to shelve the groceries,
The stove is covered with sacks;
Am I thankful?
Well, I am...I guess;
I still have to wash my hair
And pick out a clean dress!!

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