The One

by Rebecca Lombardo
(McAllen, TX United States)

I use to think I would cease to exist without you, but I’m still breathing, I’m still laughing, learning, and loving.

This has become the world I live in without you
A world where sometimes I sit and cry for hours.

Months have passed and I would like to say I have moved on, but we all know it’s not true.

I will always miss your warm hugs, your laughs, and the enormous amount of stuffed animals that consume my room.

All the memories live on and replay on and on in my mind.
The bad I cannot chase away, they are a part of me.

You are not just another guy in my life, not just another guy who makes me smile, you were my dad.

I feel that after your death my heart began to weep.

Maybe one day the tears will stop and when someone mentions your name, I won’t feel like a dark cloud filled with rain that’s over flowing.

I will always cherish the memories I have of you and I will always remember the day you walked away, but I forgive you.

Cause you’re my dad, you’re the one, the only one, I truly love and miss.

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