The Parents’ Sins

by Richard Harris
(Jacksonville, Fl, USA)

The Parents’ Sins
© March 08, 2010
Richard O. Harris

Growing up I often heard the parents’ sins became the child’s debt
And I can truthfully say my parents debt has been repaid
Not by me, at least not me alone, but by two daughters and six sons
Who have given all they gave to see their mom and dad to heaven’s gate.

I am not such a lofty man, to take credit for this plan
Our parents saw we knew our actions had results and loved us still
And as siblings even now we disagree a lot but somehow find a way
To let our love for each be known but by our actions it is shown

None of us can hide it even in the light of day when sun is so bright
We continue on our paths holding fast to examples our parents made
Treating others with kindness, love, and even faith
Hoping all the while for that next life.

What seems so strange to me as I ponder life’s mysteries
Is how we want to be together eternally
Yet can never find time to meet today
Unless a tragedy comes our way

Still, since now the debt of our parents’ sins has been fully repaid
We can now begin to put some effort toward our own sinful debts
So those we leave behind will not have to struggle so much at that time
We too leave this earthly place and take our chance with God’s grace.

I guess what I have tried to say without letting out this way
Is I have always loved them all even when I did not like their actions
And it has taken me this long to understand that simple fact
Since now it stirs inside of me so many memories and emotions

My parents were the best they knew how to be and loved us all
Their love of God and His Son they passed on to each of us too
And now I know my parents’ sin was not against God or other men
Their sin was loving us enough to let us hate even them

With this they left a seed fallen in the furrow with the weeds
But it has finally grown and born the fruit that was meant to be
Now the debt for their sins has been repaid time and again
For all eight of us have born the fruits that came from that seed.

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