The Past Behind, The Future Ahead

by Emilee DeFrancesco

All around me, there is snow
Behind me, my steps grow small
Memories and pictures come and go with the wind
Ahead of me is a fog
Thick, blank, white fog
Shrouding my future, keeping it a mystery
I realize my steps had grown as I walked
As if it had been my life
A thought enters my head
I shouldn't look back and want to change what I had done
All of that had lead me to this
My life wasn't without pain and misery,
But it also wasn't without joy and happiness
To change all that would be silly
All for my own selfish purpose
I wouldn't have the people I had loved
My life would have no reason
All of that had taught me
I had learned from my mistakes
To change all that, to turn around,
I could ruin the lives of others
I knew now that I was right in my way
The past should be left behind,
A future should stay in view
Without those things, life would be nothing
I had to trust what Fate would do.

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