The People I've Met!

by Donya L Francis
(Taipei, Taiwan (originally from St Kitts and Nevis-Caribbean))

The people I’ve met are of great strength
The people I’ve met are the ones to follow
Where history is bestowed upon them
As they implore others to learn

They strut their way to the end
Still their feet tremble in fear
Counting their footsteps
Holding their heads erect, while
Behind closed doors they are forced
To towel the pain away

They are forced to recall
On not one but two twisting knees
The stories, the pictures, the noise
Some the writing on the wall
Fingers pointing in all directions
Creating a magnificent yet a dreadful rose

Dreams were crushed by every question
Two worlds were yet to collide
The glass through which they looked
Was clean but the vision was opaque
The people I’ve met, asked ONE question

The people I’ve met
Are the wonders of my land
Here the people are the questions in me
Questions that were left unanswered
The people I’ve met are the questions I’ve met

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