The Petrified Forest

by Chaelmideath
(Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea)

I was there when she died
I sat in the tree outside her window
I saw him in the corner, spitting hate and abuse like fire
she sits on her bed dressed in black
she has a picture of her mother held tightly into her chest
as she quietly sobs and shakes her head

Yet, he taunts her with vile disgust
the room - it's spinning now
hurricanes and lightning storms
surround her, and she screams;
ravens circle above
as darkness consumes the silence
the petrified forests awaiting.
A heart that dies in silence..
why continue this desperate search -
and she cries, and there is no hope
tomorrow dies tonight,
its not safe here,
you don't know
and you never will -
she never had a home.

And from the black flames
his hand reaches out to her
she sits in confusion for a moment..
a thousand whispers
she falls so far
she can't get back up
in his distant and dead eyes
in the comfort of fear
it's over
nobody knows anything
just an illusion
my pain is a gift
its the only thing I can feel
its the only thing I can share.


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