"The Philosophy of Thinking" By Duc du Clos I America

by Duc du Clos

Yes, I Am Eric
As well as Erica
I’m the soul of US both

I may not be the Promised Land,
But I’m the prosperous land
Which has been offered to you all

I’m the gift of Earth from the Heavens
The ground where even passing angels
Tend to linger a little longer

Regardless of your point of departure,
I will always be your ultimate Desti-Nation
Opportunity is a port of unity, available to everyone
With open arms, we embrace the needy and the weak
With a clinched fist, we meet the oppressor
Although some want to take the liberty to take our freedom

The hand of Liberty will always be raised to light up the night
Within the pages of her book, she engraves our names
All she asks in return, is to be appreciated

Little is said of the gift, which she is to so many
And by those who come to see, too quickly is forgotten
Beneath her gown we find shelter from the malice of others
She is the symbol of all, and everything we strive to be
Yet, in time we tend to forget the promise for which she stands
She is not just the mother in the land of the free
Though made of stone, she embodies the humanity we all seek
And protection she offers to whomever she can reach
Surrounded is her body by the tears of those who came before us
She will stand the test of time, as we should stand by her side
And when we look in the hearts of others, if sincerity we see
Ours we should open to mix in the goodness of the Heavens
We shall not condemn the heart, which prays,
Even in public, for much worst, even to the public, it could be doing
When we raise flags of religions and demand freedom to congregate
Yet for a better America, Freedom should be the only Religion
When your heart is true and good, only such products come out of it
Let’s all keep America, America… whether you’re Eric or Erica

Duc du Clos

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