"The Philosophy of Thinking" Duc du Clos Borrowed Limbs

by Duc du Clos

It never felt like a walk in the park with the birds chirping
Nor a short drive to the nearby grocery store while the radio’s playing
For each step was always taken as if they were leading to hell
It was the rolling of wheels on stones they prayed to be natural, at each turn

Anguish bordered their path on the map of unknown destruction
No leaf could move by its own agility to the stressful observer
The wind could not disturb the soft dust without casting a shape
The silhouette of comrades had to be studied and recognized from afar

The weight of their steps on the scale of the mind was constantly measured
Prudence made an enemy out of every moving sound and object
The trickery of minds paint fear out of their own shadows
Luck for some comes in the shape of calibrated lead

The unfortunate ones relive the endless sounds of explosions
Where damaging events will leave behind a fractured existence
Even they, will never know what they should live to become
Soldiers of misfortune or fortunate soldiers

Who are we to qualify them as to which they are?
Some will miss the fingers to point out their pains
Others will lack the capacity to express their state of being
Prosthetics become their utensils and human touch

A natural and gentle heart beats amongst the sound of metals
A blank stare into the eyes of life without any comforting answers
The beginning of a new existence out of hope
Challenges so new with exasperating despair in the distant horizon

Peace we may one day find, for them, war will never be so long ago
Unforgiving thoughts with regrettable conclusions for a future unknown
The invasions of constant nightmares in a wounded mind
Incapable of escaping the crippling pain of a past still vivid

We should forever lend a hand…
for theirs were given up to protect our lives
How maimed should our men and women become, before we realize and come to conclude,
that war itself is inhumane?

Duc du Clos

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Jul 20, 2012
the shadow
by: pam davis

Duc you have touched my heart and my feelings with the writing of the shadow. I loved you and your wife when we were together in vegas and very happy to call you my friend.

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