The Philtrum from the book " The Philosophy of Thinking " Duc du Clos

by Duc du Clos

The Philtrum

For most, the attraction of another lies within the eyes
However for me, the philtrum is the most attractive and beautiful part of the body
It indicates the depth of the inner being
As it divides the face into two well proportioned shapes
Its crisp lines erect in two perfect creases

Their elasticity gently spreads to give way to an inviting grin
It is like a deep ravine, though you may fear it because of its profound depths
Still, its irrefutable magic draws you in to take a curious glance
You can always feel it, as it strums your being,
It captivates your senses, extracts from a frown... a hidden smile

The Philtrum is often neglected and overlooked
As it guides the eyes to the separate regions of the mouth
It helps in counting the intricate traits of the face
Those of us who know of its sublime existence
Find it irresistible not to stare at its accentuated appearance

From now on, you too, will succumb to its discovered beauty
And never more will you look at a face and not take notice
And if lucky you happen to be, once in a while
The witness of such new beauty, your soul will call to be
For the weakness of the sight is invitingly...........
.............................................. The philtrum

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