The Power of Dream - My Motherland Oh!

by Ahovi Achumi
(Nagaland, India)

Standing atop a spiral star
Deep down at the alluring world I gaze
With shattered hopes and dreams-
My tears unbidden.
No more is our virgin soil-
The carmine rays flame the scenic mountains and valleys,
Immature clouds shadow the innocent land,
Whipping rain shatters the wellspring,
Baleful air spreads silently across the sky,
Crimson water howls against the lovely pebbles,
Frozen branches chill the shade of sizzling hot summer
Alas! I see the fair land no more....
No more the song of innocence-
The realm of covetous mind sows its seeds,
Avaricious chief seeking its prey,
Messenger behind the arena of possession,
Folks cast about to harvest the unripened fruit,
Bands engaged in blood sport,
Spearhead inherit the mind of trickery
Alas! I hear a song of consolation no more.
Indeed our hour is the season of doom,
Saddening inside the core of every heart,
Trouble weighs heavily on every soul
Yet still.... When dream is without valediction
Rather explore the wildest fantasies
It will redeem those ancient miracles.
Deep inside the heart there's a gift lying
Which your vision can't reach-
Dream which reality yields in mirth.
Dream you'll see a sweet home,
Dream you'll hear native air chanting,
Dream you'll feel the new world
Unite under the theme- TRUTH AND FREEDOM
Righting every wrong with dream behind...

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