The Present Moment

by Tijjani Grema Mustapha

I don't know of yesterday and tomorrow.
I only know of what my eyes are seeing.
Today is the person you
will see in the mirror, and have words to
define what you saw in the mirror.
Yesterday was the shadow of you,
and tomorrow is the day we are waiting for.
I am drawing myself
on a white sheet with pencil.
When am done, I will keep it in
a safe place to have a look at it tomorrow,
because tomorrow will be
no mirror to view my appearance of yesterday.
You have no time to waste the time you have.
You have your living watch on your wrist,
but it is invisible.
Only the Almighty sees and knows
when the battery will be dead.
You have the present (today).
Dance and shake what you can shake,
because tomorrow might be
the end of the world.

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