by Nkamang Tsotetsi
(Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa)

When I pricked through its tiny brown ponderous body
This brought home the pain I would have to endure in mine
When I did that from one end through to the other
The avocado seed displayed in my eyes solid resilience

Through the pricking of the seed I saw that grandeur
Through that pricking I saw life formed and moulded
Through the same prick was blossom and ardent rapture
The pattern and tableau of folio so unequalled

Look at the delightful greenery radiating and growing
Glowing and dancing out of the eruption of the seed
The verdures and florae smiling to water and sun
Through the lancing of the seed they dance gaily with the wind

Today I am that ponderous avocado seed
I rose from sad self-pitied betrayed angry soul
I rose to lucky protected experienced and educated being
A seed was pricked and my heart was hurt

The cruel lancing of avocado seed bore neat flowery
The cruel hurting of a soul nurtures a relentless survivor
Hurt and pain can change inert to vigour
Hurt and pain encourage, hurt and pain drives and fortifies

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