The Queen from the Valley of the Tattered Sky

by C. E. Williams

Under a tattered sky,
the first screams rent the air,
the first swords clashed,
and the first arrows were fired.

Under a tattered sky,
brothers, fathers, and sons,
fought like vicious animals.

Under a tattered sky,
battle cries sounded,
drums rang,
and blood spilled upon the ground.

Under a tattered sky,
a young girl watched her father

Under a tattered sky,
life was given
and death was received.

And no one noticed the little girl,
watching from the shadows.

Under a tattered sky,
the battle ended,
but the valley was forever tainted
and a fire began to blaze in the eyes of a little girl.

From a tattered sky,
she came.
Wild like the dancing flames.
Fierce as the wolf
brave as the lion.

The tattered sky made her,
forged her from the ashes of herself.

And under a tattered sky,
the first one since that fateful day so long ago,
a golden crown was placed on her golden curls
and a smile danced on her lips.

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