The Reason Why

by Kathryn Eddy
(Strasburg, Co.)

Do you remember when 1st met?
That day I have yet to forget,
I sat at a table staring ahead
While not a word to me was ever said.

Then suddenly you had come by,
Deciding it was worth giving me a try,
We were soon friends before I knew,
And...I realised that there wasn't a thing I wouldn't do for you.

And every year on fall festival day,
By you is where I'd always stay,
With joy so pure all could see
That there was nowhere else I would rather be.

And that is how it always went,
With you Therese-my time I'd spent,
Never had I imagined this would end,
I had always thought I could face all that God would send.

A cross I've carried all these years,
Is that if this misunderstanding is not cleared,
I'll of lost a precious treasure,
I'll of lost you Therese-my friend forever.

For me this foreshadowing always looms overhead,
So on careful grounds I'll continue to tread,
And until I can make things right,
I will always do my best to continue the fight.

This is why I do not go,
For I can not let any pain show,
As it'll prove I've not moved on,
Or accepted the fact that my friend is gone.

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