The Return of Charli and Mazezty

by Mazezty C. Navarro
(Redondo Beach, CA)

A Harsh Storm brews, are you prepared?
Do you feel it in the air?
The cold winds blow from Baltimore,
she is now here
Dreams of her demise have faded
Enemies of her, witness your worst Nightmare
A Harsh Storm brews, are you prepared?
For Charli Baltimore is here...

The definition of Tragedy
The return of thee to Poetry
it is Me, the One with 666 enemies
Can you see Me?
going to war with those who I once allied with my Army
Who can she-Devil send to harm me?
I'm Untouchable, filled with Pain and Anger
God forgave and welcomed me into His Kingdom,
I'm a God fearing Soldier prepared for battle
The ballad of a Lost Angel, now Found
Boxing with the Devil, I'm the other side of Maxwell
I bring to you disaster throughout the Town
wide eyes seek to see
Is there truth to the rumors the people speak?
The words of the return of Mazezty...

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