The Rivers and Waters

by Amy
(Texas, USA)

The rivers are long and always running.. the waters are fresh and cold with fear.. you see them trailing a path down my cheeks, yet you do nothing but let me weep.. I'm alone in the water, treading for my life, and my limbs are getting tired. At some point I know I must drown, but I'm still holding onto nothing. I say to myself, "No! I can't drown now! I have things I can live with! Keep moving your arms! Keep thrashing your legs!" but.. I do not see how much I am sinking.. "look to the sky! look to the clouds!" The angels will pull you up!! but no one's hand has reached for me. I can feel my body numbing, my blood; slowing in my veins, but I continue on "I can't drown now! I cant leave this place! Keep moving your arms, keep thrashing.. thrashing your legs.." But my toes touch the cold ground under the waters, "look to the sky.. look to the...clouds.. an angel will pull me.. up." But still... no one's hand has reached for me. And I couldn't see the sky, or the clouds. I did feel myself sinking, I could feel my toes touching the cold ground under the water.. I say to myself.. "Yes. but I can drown. I don't have things I will live with.. I have to leave this place...there is no room for me here. I cant keep my arms moving, I cant keep my legs thrashing." I'm beneath the waters.. drowning in the darkness of the rivers; my blood fading in my veins.. my eyes closing in defeat. Then.... a warmth so familiar runs across my palm. I feel on my arms now and I realize what it is; someone's soft touch, warm hand has reached for me. I heard what could only be a melody, but it was too far away.. my eyes open and there is a small light; golden; beautiful in front of me. It too was still too far away. I'm longing for it wanting it so badly. When will it get here? I'm dying quickly. I need the light. What happened to the angel? Isn't it with me? Suddenly there was a sharp pain in my chest! Someone was ripping my heart out! I couldn't scream for them to stop. The fear rose upon me; if I died I wouldn't feel anymore.. then the angel began to yell!! Don't die now! You cant die yet!! Don't leave me!! The angel's words tore at my heart.. I felt longing emotions course through me! "But your taking my heart away from me! I can't live without it!" The angel didn't hear my voice "Breathe...breathe...! He chanted. His words were strong, determined, and sad. But this was different; his words had only hurt before, now.. they were.. life. A warm wind blew over me fast, knocking me softly rocking me gently.. I could hear the angel whispering, "Amy... Amy..." but how did the angel know my name? I wasn't living in the sky.. in the clouds. I was... I was.. DROWNING! I opened my eyes! I had to keep moving my arms! Thrashing my legs! So I wouldn't die defeated! But I wasn't in the water anymore. I wasn't treading for my life. I was standing by the rivers, by the water. By someone warm.. "Why do u cry?" he asked, "you're the most precious person in the world."

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