The Sad Thing Is...

by Lauren

The sad thing is no one knows,
Even if they did they wouldn't care,
They would just stare;
As if I was some kind of freak.

I'm completly alone in this.
I have no one.
They think they know me;
They also think I'm happy,
If only they knew.

It tears me apart inside
to know that they lie,
They all do,
with four simple words:
"I'm here for you"
Followed closely by a "You know that right?"

A couple of times I've told people
SOME of whats wrong,
But we all learn from our mistakes,
I'll never trust anyone again;
I won't and I can't trust anyone,
heck, I can't even trust myself.

No one can help me now,
It's gone too far.
I've lost all my faith,
No one really cares about me;
I'm just that weird girl
who doesn't really fit in...

Go ahead, take them all away,
But with them,
could you also take the pain?
I know its all my fault
I don't blame you,
I'm sorry.

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by: lucy

this is like totally cool, in a helium voice just for u.

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