The Salt of Tears

by Candice Watson
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

Well come to my beach it's called Alone
It's a place I now call my Home
Its shores stretch wide and vast
It's where pain was built to Last
It's where the day was murdered by the Night
Where the light has gone and lost the Fight
Just follow my road you'll enter at my very End
My shores of pain whisper "deaths my Friend"
My ocean roars alive and screams my Fears
It's my water world of Tears
You would never guess my secret world below
It's where all the broken souls go
Pulled around by my currents of guilt and Shame
I am Captain of a ship that has no Name.
Tormented spirits of my ocean Deep
That swim in the very tears they weep

They say my beach is hard to Find
It's positioned in the memories of my Mind
To read this pain full map of mine
You'll travel through my hurts and go back in Time
Follow the roads and paths inside my Head

On the lonely shores of my oceans Mind
It's the empty shells of me you'll find

So as you walk please tread with Care
I’m lying all around and everywhere
Each loss I felt is now a tiny grain of Sand
My infinity of hurt slips through our Hand
Many tried to help me leave this Place
But I find comfort in this empty Space
Few would venture to my world of Grey
But to let me go is what I ask and pray
For this world of yours is not for me
For it's now with my pain that I long to be
Please say goodbye and let go my Hand
I'll ride my wave to another Land

Dear Boo this is t the Salt of Tears the Essence of pain.

Written for you by Mommy xxx
1996-01-12 to 2015-01-24

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