The score of Suffer Katie

by Ryan Fernandez-Cameron

The Score of a girl people call suffer Katie, suffer,suffer Katie. Suffer Katie why the long face shrouded in misery and mystery that tears have turned blood tasting so bitter like the song you start to sing to ease the pain you have endured since childhood. Give into the darkness and hear the voice Suffer Katie for your crooked smile and your heart charcoal black makes you special. The rain that falls down is for you to make you strong and make the people scatter like ashes they thought were yours. For Suffer Katie sweet Suffer Katie roam the halls of their minds and make them gasp for air while looking like the goth siren you must be and crush their pipes to make them mute. Suffer Katie sweet Katie for now is the time for winter rest for the snow falls and you are alone by the dark shore feeling like your life is no more but sleep Katie for your death is meaningful and for once spring comes to the lands open up your eyes that once had tears but now have joy and waiting for you to sing your songs Sirens will envy for centuries to come.

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