by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

In ancient times of creation old
Above in the heaven lays I’m told
An uprising of good versus evil
Angels against angels an upheaval.

Cast down to earth to rule the land
A battle for souls we understand
In the form of serpents they are
Tempting man with the bizarre.

Who dares to approach this beast
Those who do become his feast
A slayer from above was dispatched
Until then the beast was unmatched.

Though the slayer was put to death
He rose in three days given new breath
With the helmet of salvation and truth
He descended into the lair for proof.

A battle of ages, a legendary fight
The slayer defeated him with his might
There he set all the captives free
With him he took death‘s only key.

Oh dragon now where is the fire
Your evil ways gone to desire
No longer ruler of this great earth
Salvation now is given birth.

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