by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA )

From its lair the dragon flies
Fallen man believed the lies
Winds blow, while fire falls
A fearful man’s heart stalls.

The serpent is the ruler of air
All the while hiding in his lair
There is no heaven or any hell
The white horse is the color pail.

The light fades, and darkness descends
Those that are made righteous ascend
The truth now appears before man's eyes
A lifetime spent living with their lies.

We would be well served to seek the truth
A truth that protects from the serpent’s tooth
There comes one who rides a white horse
To slay the serpent, his word carries force.

For those that have been called, listen
The serpent will be cast into prison
There for the length of eternity
Pain, and suffering is a certainly

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