The Shady Truth

by Amanda Sathiaraj

Silence is a girl's loudest cry, they say
Little do they know;
We have been silenced in every little way.
Hushed when we talk of matters that don't concern us;
'You are well, then why bother', they cuss.

A void fills my soul, as I feel a fist clenching my heart;
When I think of those
Who've loved and lost.

It's not a broken heart, I'm concerned about
But, a broken life
Missing pieces of a puzzle;
The only thing for which I tussle.

Dark words whispered,
Fake promises made,
Wolves in sheep's clothing;
Hiding in the shade.

Innocence shattered like a glass,
When a girl who's supposed to be in class;
Is abducted for her body, alas!

Away from family and friends,
She can no longer follow the trends
The poor girl who once dreamt about a knight in shining armor;
Now, gets nights in shady corners.

Crying her heart out, everyday
Her flickering light of hope grows weary
At last, it reaches the day
Where she feels no more
Eyes no longer teary
Known by the name 'whore'
She doesn't care about anything, anymore.

Wishing she could die,
She lies
Waiting for another guy;
Who has paid the price.

Shutting her eyes and mind,
She lets out a silent moan,
Imagining a life,
Where human trafficking never touched her soul.

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