The Signs of A Genius.

by Meena
(Madurai, Tamilnadu, India.)

The one and half-year-old toddler, Meenu
stands on the sofa.

She sees around her with a curiosity
looks at each one there

There are her mom, dad and granny
all the three busy in a way.

She clears her throat
steadies herself.

The granny looks at her first.
with a kindly smile.

It invigorates.

The toddler gains confidence.
Begins her address.
Kabi, kabi, kavitham kaati
the Ka sound is predominant. All her words start with K.

She continues her babble
she does not stop nor she drags.

Her body language enchants.
one of an experienced speaker.

She swings her head, sways her hands
points her fingers, looks up and down.

Her eyes rest on her dad,
who beams with pride.

She comes back to kabi, kabi
with a different intonation-- one of admiration.

Turns towards her mother
pronounces kabi, kabi- Could it be a demand?

Finally, addresses her grandmother
"kabi, kabi' she says in a whisper. Throws a flying kiss.

Her words rhyme, her oration enlivens.
The mannerism is excellent.

An orator in the offing.
I see in her the signs of a genius.

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