The Silent Scream

by Jade Horne

Inside the womb a child he lay
But this is not where the child shall stay
mother is selfish and does not care
For this child she does not want to bare
All She wants is her drugs, drink and smokes
To sleep with as many different blokes
drinking alcohol until she chokes
Baby boy your not safe in you're bed
You are not safe where you sleep and rest your head
She won't rest until your blood is bled
She is careless, Emotionless and vain
She won't care about your growing brain
She leaves it so long she's truly insane
5 months pass, she thinks time is ticking
All this is from lack of care and thinking
You can feel pain now, you can feel fear
You have started to see, even to hear
mum only cares about her next beer
To her you're a problem, must go away
You're mum made a mistake, you must pay
The fear and agony that fills your heart
As the tools come, to tear you apart
you're silent scream it can never be Heard
You're heart beat is faint, and vision blurred
pay the price for your mother's selfish ways
You will never see your future days
You'll never feel sunlight, or your first breath
But mum, pleased and celebrates your death

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