The Snake ate the Guinea Pig

by Abbey (15 years)

It was cold outside,
and the power was out
a snake was freezing,
So she wrapped him around her neck,
The snake was given warmth,
When it started to warm up,
the snake became hungry,
he left her neck and slithered to food.
to the cage in the far corner of the room,
which held a guinea pig....
10 minutes later, the rodent was gone,
being digested,
squeezed and swallowed whole,
when she woke up,
to a knot in his long slick body,
and the cage bent with no rodent to be found,
she realized what had happened,
the lights were back on,
he went back to a tank,
still digesting the guinea pig
full, happy, and tired,
he fell asleep under a warm light,
while she cleaned up the mess...
The snake ate the Guinea Pig

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