The Star

by Milly Christian

She blinked and winked
Then sharing a smile with the world.
Dancing across the world
With laughter in the air

Creeps up at you in the night
To give you a goodnight kiss.
She is a protector, a saviour to the world.
Whispers and guides you through the night.

She tiptoes silently in the night without a single sound.
Her heart drumming and drumming.
Her mind whizzing and whizzing.
Her mouth breathing and breathing

Then suddenly she starts to twirl , starts to move.
She is dancing!
Her body moving with joy.
She giggles and giggles
Until there is no more breath left inside her.

The night was coming to an end.
She made every last moment count.
She stopped.
Then whizzed back home.

She was a dreamer.
She was a lover
She was a friend
She was a dancer

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