The Story of Him and Her

by Natasha Miller
(East Coast, USA)

Artist Uknown

Artist Uknown

Two lovers passing time away without any awareness or care.

Obsession, passion, friendship, sexual intimacy, tenderness, they once shared.

Couldn't keep their hands off each other at one time, constantly embraced.

Now distant as if all their past memories had been erased.

One day she packed her things and decided to leave him for good.

He begged her to stay, couldn't bear to lose her, because he sure as hell would.

It lasted for a time there after, love developed again.

Until the inevitable occurred, their love was bound to end.

She was hesitant at first, the thought of the pain she would endure and starting over.

He knew he had to set her free even though she was his soulmate and perfect lover.

Unfortunately, the day came they had to say goodbye.

On the beach they had their last date which only deepened their sadness and made them ask why!?

If fate allowed, they'd meet again one day in a different time and place.

The thought of her will forever linger in his mind, her eyes, mouth and pretty face.

As time passed they moved on and led different lives again.

However, their special relationship they never forgot, its rarity, its purity was never something pretend.

One night as he looked up in the sky there was a beautiful crystal clear star.

It made him think of her not knowing where she had gone or if she had traveled far.

Across the ocean inexplicably at the same moment in time, she thought of him.

Wondered the exact thought and wished she could call or email on a whim.

Then the moment passed, memories of the past, fading,seemingly maybe forever!

The fairytale of him and her ended, love never lasts, love ends, ties do sever.

Him and her were two lovers intertwined in a web of what ifs and if maybe they had tried.

True love can unintentionally fade, it doesn't always work out, a part of one's soul will undoubtedly die.

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