The Story Of Sorrow

by Theodore Edwards
(New York)

The Story Of Sorrow

The Story Of Sorrow

In the shadows I walk alone
Bitter cold tears of blood run down my face
My soul is being enveloped by darkness
I'm tired of the "propaganda that says:
"Life is good"
I believe that there are more bad people than good
I wear a mask in the darkness surrounded by pain and sorrow
Looking into the eyes of innocence
My heart aches they know no sorrow
Why am I forced to live this life
I didn't ask to be born
Just let me fade
My belief is the sad truth
"Life sucks... then you die"
I feel if I die tomorrow my friends... if I have any wouldn't care
The world was born in darkness
and will die in darkness
I embrace the darkness
There is no happy endings for people like me
There is no light at the end of the tunnel
There is no hope
That's Just the way it is
This is the story of sorrow

I'm submitting this to a poetry contest at school. Thought?

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