The Sun and the Moon

by Hung Huynh
(Honolulu, Hawaii)

The sun and the moon are like my two best friends
for getting me up and chasing me around.
It Seems like I can’t be out hanging
when the sun is up In the blue sky staring me down.
The sun itself has some blazing heat ray eyes,
and the moon it has glowing eyes,
it glows wherever I go.
Every day the sun calls,
telling me to wake up,
or the sun itself starts heating up to awaken me.
Every night the Moonlight glows so brightly, I seem to have lose my sight, as I can’t see at night.
Sun and moon call me, and follow me everyday and every night, for I must take a flight off to bed, to rest and sleep all day until it starts calling me up again for another day!

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