The Switch

by Anonymous

The switch is in.
Which is real?

You learn, you talk.
You enjoy, you see,
A bright shimmering world.
The possibilities.

Sad and gloom.
Emptiness inside.
You try to hide.
Now no one sees.
Off, no one sees.
You want to be seen, but you are hiding
Escape this world for the happiness,
That you have never felt.
The happiness you never felt.

Something is wrong.
You laugh and sing, but something is wrong.
You watch the strings,
Connecting us, people.
But you do not have a string.
I do not see a string.
Without a string, am I alive.
This heartbeat is a lie?

I breathe, I see, I do.
But I can’t shake this point of view.

Not a person, but an outline.
A shadow, a sketch of something that could be.
The possibilities.

So, what to do, what to do.
In this mind, so blue.
A race to the end, I will not play.

I will just be still, until it ends.
Still until this heartbeat is a lie.
Still until you see nothing deep inside.
Still until I die.

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