The Teacher of All Springs

by Halima Mohamed

How lucky I have been,

To have a teacher,

With so much dedication,

And so much hope,

That one day

Through the many struggles,

I will be able to

Succeed the mission of school,

You tolerate all the misbehaviour,

You mark numerous essays every day,

Yet bear with the pain,

Of me asking for advice,

Not once but multiple times,

And accomplish these challenges,

With that mood changing smile on your face,

Mr. Maslona, I can’t thank you enough,

For always having an open door,

For always being supportive of me,

And showing me how much you truly care,

This poem is dedicated to you

And was truly written from the heart,

To highlight how much I admire you,

For your helping hand

And your words of wisdom,

In time of needs,

Thank you for being my life’s role model

And for inspiring me to do my best,

I consider myself fortunate to have a loving teacher like you,

Mr Maslona, the number one teacher

Halima Mohamed

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