The Thanksgiving Dog

by Bill
(Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America)

Thanksgiving, to me, was quite unstable.
We were preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, when the dog took the turkey off the table!
But here is a problem. It includes my skinny aunt named “Muffin”.
She was the one who thought the dog was the turkey and shoved him in the oven!
Five minutes later, we noticed something was gone…
“Um… where is Fido? I think you put him in the oven!” said John Bon.
Aunt Muffin yelled back, “Well, how was I supposed to know that?!”
“I think you should take the dog out now.” Said Bill the Fat.
We crept slowly to the oven, opened it, and out jumped Fido, steaming hot!
He ran to the backyard, up the rocks and into the pool with a trot.
Right when he jumped in, there was steam all about.
Great Grandpa Joe said, “WAIT! I think I have the gout!”
Fido burst out of the pool as if he was a rocket!
We chased him around the neighborhood and I tore my pocket.
An old lady came up to us and said, “Do you want some beef jerky?”
I said, “No, and my dog is going crazy just because of some turkey!”

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