The Thread of Sanity

by Ralph Randolph Sawyer
(Houston, Texas)

Throughout history certain men have tried,
To make some small difference in the world.
It seems that they couldn’t
Until they learned a special art.
One they promised that they wouldn’t.
To mettle in the lives of others,
Some were specially trained.
Others were just clever men.
Who thought that they could do more
With less than half a brain.
Some heard a special calling,
Like a donkey they all brayed.
"I have heard from the Almighty"
and this is what they prayed,
"Let me do unto others,
Like so many others have done before.
I have heard the word of God."
And so they take us into war.
Others hear from God,
and they are told that they are crazy.
Our leaders hear from Him,
And try to make us think that we are lazy.
This decade is like no other in history
How any of us will survive it,
No one knows.
It is just a great big mystery.
So, society is fracturing.
But hope is a strong belief,
I know we all we have to cling to.
If we do not cling to sanity,
All we have left is grief.
So, cling to the thread of sanity.
It is the thread the world clings to.
Snap! There goes another loony to the bin.
And make room for me there too.
At least in this life,
Sanity is the art of living in denial.
So, I must deny that I ever wrote this.
And save my comments for the trial.

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