The Thugs First

by Lizbeth Rivas
(Junction city, OR, United states)

Fell in love with a thug,
It was dark and cold,
Had shorts and no sweatshirt,
Sneaked out at midnight.
Jumping through the window
I saw moon light.
Driving in the car
he held me tight.
Went to his homeboys pad,
up the stairs and in his room.
Thy homie left to go outside and
hang around with the other guys.
Left us music and movies too.
Got up, locked the doors.
There we stood all alone.
Turned on the mini lights from the couch,
And turned off the brighter ones.
Not too dark; but not much light
Stood by the bed just us two
with no one around.
Started with a kiss leading to the bed,
It was still cold so
we went under the sheets.
Didn't think if it was wrong,
so we went on.
He was whispering I love you in my ear,
While I looked up at him smiling
and said yo tambien te amo.
I felt it was right,
It was his first time,
Who knew thugs could love too,
I closed my eyes,
by that point we had no clothes,
and there we were making love
just he and I.

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real talk
by: Sharon

ur poem real talk, its sweet, dirty, & can feel the love REAL TALK

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