The Uniform

by Daniel Shreve
(Coffeen, IL.)

They gave us a brand new uniform ,to make us better better woman or man. They send us to the battle field to do the best we can.

We stand and fight with courage, even though we may still be afraid, because no one can ever tell us if we will last another day.

We watch as our comrades fall, one by one. If we can reach our final destination, before the setting of the sun.

We cry dear God! please save and protect us as we humble ourselves and pray, I know I haven't called on you much Dear Lord, come in my heart to stay.

Well some of us survived, while others were laid to rest. Just for surviving and doing our best, they place a medal on our chest.

So did this new uniform make us better women or men? Maybe just a little bit if we do the best we can!

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