The Unread Poem

by Naomi Oliver
(Watertown, New York, USA)

The subtle breeze through the door,
charming of a small grin.
Angst shutters inside and out,
gather in motion to mend.

Lying on the bed of roses, thorns-
Craves the interior of the darken sky.
Amidst the joyous array comes to mourn,
shadows cradle the exterior of light.

Unrecognizable in realms of deception,
the sloth uncouth in fragility.
Has opened the mind to see,
the heart needs to be made agile.

Whisper the words, "I love you"-
Further away for no man to hear.
Only one may her desires belong to,
his footsteps faded with sound.

Obscurity lurked, motionless on the brim-
The battered Soul has been scorned by the
devils mate; Touch with ease.
Committed by an Alliance, a sin.
Take the tears and clean softly.

Closer for one man to hear-
Whisper again, "I love you".
A friend gave his understanding,
as this is given, the unread poem.

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