The Untold Story

by Majezty C. Navarro
(Redondo Beach, CA)

Dedicated to the memory of Courtney Bergman and Vicki Bergman...

God had the Chapters of the Book of My Life written
I was almost to the next chapter, but then you tore out the rest of my pages
many words left unspoken, too many of my dreams will now go unaccomplished
It is now raining in California; Tears of Sadness have now fallen
People were anticipated to read God's book of my Life to see what I would become
Here it is, a memory I am to them all
I now join others whose books were too completed, but their chapters were also torn out before our Fans could even see the good part and wonderful ending.
My story was cut short, how will yours end?
I now wonder...

Rest In Peace... Courtney Bergman, Vicki Bergman & to those who too had their stories cut short...

-M. Navarro

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