What you do right now
Is the most important time of all.
The past may be full of regrets.
The future is not yet set.
Have you learned anything at all
Or are you repeating what caused you to fall?
This is the time of your life.
Make it count not once but twice.
The choices that you make
Will determine your fate.
Bad decisions lead to bad results.
Good thinking yields a bounty that lasts.
Hope is the sister of fate.
Never let go each day when you pray.
There are many choices to make.
Think through each one before you take the bait.
Be sure to look far ahead.
Where will this decision have led?
What will the outcome be?
Where will it lead me?
Think about your dreams at night.
Are they happy or full of fright?
Do you spend your time avoiding trouble
Or laying the groundwork for a new tomorrow?
Share your thoughts with your friends,
But remember their suggestions will not harm them.
The need for new ideas is great.
Be sure that they reflect what is good for your fate.
Lay out a plan that meets your goals,
But be sure that it is good for your soul.

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