The Wandering Stranger

by Natasha Miller
(Delaware, USA)

He walks alone at night.
His mind is racing, he can't bear to keep on with this fight.

He can't bear to deal with any of the past.
He feels like a phony always hiding behind a mask

He thinks to himself " How the hell did I get here".
" There is no point to anything, I'M DONE"
I feel no more fear "!

It's cold, damp, dreary on this night.
Noone on the road, not a soul in sight.

It's about that time and the pain will be coming to an end.
Mind racing once again life flashing before his eyes.
" Times up, no point, I"m tired of all my lies"!

Arms raised up, head held high,
He jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge falling into the dark sky.

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