The Way We Are Made

by Fighting Dreamer

We humans are simple beings
We tend to remember only what we please

Like schoolwork
And the number of your hot date

But why do we not remember
The other things?

Why don't we remember our past lives?
Or that we're we just mere souls drifting about in the vast nothing?

We choose to focus on our minuscule lives
Blowing them out of proportion

We ignore the vast universe outside of our frail atmosphere
We ignore the great nothingness that awaits us after death

We immerse ourselves in meaningless games
We play and kiss and disregard all else, because we are the center of our universes

What is life?
What happens to your soul when you die?

It is easier to forget
So we choose to forget

It is just the way we are made

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by: william artigas

beautiful poem i enjoyed it i really felt what you were saying....

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