The Wedding

(Topeka, KS, USA)

The night we met, you looked so beautiful
that I fell in love.
I felt like leaving
for I sensed the danger in wanting you.
Slowly I walked toward the table
so I could see closer and tell you goodbye,
but something stopped me in your eyes
and I couldn't say a word
because I felt happy.
Later when I saw him kissing and your face
I couldn't help myself
I asked If he would do me the honor
and in the middle of the dance floor
tightly we held while I whispered;
"How I envy those lips that kiss you,
I would like to do the same but I don't have you,
how I hate the hour that your honeymoon will start
all of this night I envy ,
I would love to do the same
but I don't have you."

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