The Weight of Water

by Christine Redderoth-Roderick
(Southbury, CT)

The white capped waves,
the rolling thunder.
We hit each one hard.
We rose to the top and crashed as
we ascended to the other side.
The sea is so unforgiving,
and yet so loving.
The soft feel of the water as
it rushes over your skin.
The weight as it pulls you under.
The gentle reflections of light.
The harsh darkness at night.
Its surface, smooth as glass.
Its waves hard and fast.
The wind stirs a roughness
only a few will ever see.
It pulls you in, it pulls you up,
it leaves you adrift
in the middle of nowhere.
It takes you places you never imagined.
It's open, it's closed.
It is the path that our lives followed.
We come up for air and
occasionally we drown.
On a beautiful, sun drenched day
we sail along peacefully
knowing it's a matter of time until
the skies open and we feel the
glory of the ocean all over again

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