The White Of Black

by alexander M. Braun
(chicago, Illinois, USA)

Her tears shatter the glass of reality.
Her fingers scratch at the veil of the conscious paramour.
Her heart beats like a sultry metronome.
Her breath is filled with the sweet blessings of sin.
Her lips are laced with a rich film of shadows.
Her words are like honey with their euphonic glow.
Her broken wings burst as they fall upon the dismal earth.
Her every feather streaks across saline skies, crying in vain.
Her clear hot eyes chill my love to the quaking of its core.
The lashes of her eyes fill the clefts between the heart and hand.
Her supple hair pulls at my soul like a harpy’s razor talons.
Her eyes gently tug at the fringes of my crystalline world.
Her beauty radiates with a melancholy awe.
She forges my soul upon the kiln of her iron tongue.
She is hell’s proudest angel, shining in her passion.
Her lips swallow reason like god’s dark flame.
She is my savory blood.
The pounding of my soul.
The hollow of my heart.
She is the white of black.

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