The Wind!

by Katelyn Prater

Whenever it gets windy,
the air feels kind of trendy.

It jumps about,
from here and out.

Wind destroys my day,
for when I want to play.

When winds bring storms along,
I shout to stay strong.

For now I am sad,
and furiously mad.

I now have to stay inside,
and put my plans aside.

Sitting there thinking,
while laying in my chair a sinking.

From here and there,
I see a glare.

Leaves are blown around,
without making a sound.

I decided to go to sleep,
for I knew the day would keep.

The wind and the storm,
beyond the dorm.

Goodnight to you all,
I have had such a ball.

The wind has won,
so I here am done.

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