The Woman Across The Room

by Majezty C. Navarro
(Redondo Beach, CA)

Tony blows the sax upon the stage,
the audience cheer and dance
as this poem forms within.
My words fall into place
along with the notes; I speak,
Love is blind,
the smoke from my cigar
clouds my vision;
but like a storm
that brews from the East
my smoke is blown and I clearly see
the woman across the room.

She watches the band play
as if she is unaware of my stare,
while sipping her wine she crosses her legs;
she knows.
Still her eyes focus on the show;
I focus on her,
her Cranberry Red dress,
the bracelet upon her wrist;
Blonde hair, wavy as well as long,
and her eyes,
her eyes of no ordinary Green,
but Peppermint.

I set my cigar down and blow,
my eyes refuse to lose contact.
Tony approaches his last song;
it’s about that time.
A gentleman whispers into my ear,
I puffed on my cigar, finished my glass,
and straightened my suit;
the curtains close
and the audience quiets down.
The curtains open
and the audience begins again,
I speak into the microphone
as the people listen.
Looking to the East, Mid, and West,
I overlook her purposely.

She focuses closely
as I recite this poem of her,
does she know?
Perhaps, nonetheless I continue.
The poem concludes after I disappear
behind the curtains and cheers,
As I prepare to end my evening,
there in my path she strolled.
Our glances met, our hearts touched,
but love spoke no words,
no words as I took my seat
inside of a Champagne colored Rolls.
Here I conclude my memoir,
my memoir of
The Woman across the Room…

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