The wrong one

by I'm fine
(My Japan hell("Gomena" means "I'm sorry"))

You're the wrong one for me
It's all you want me to see
Will my darkness never end?
Will you ever be my friend?
I can't take this anymore
You're what I used to live for
But now you're just a disease
A love lost in the ashes
Of my heart, burnt by your words
It feels like a million swords
Piercing right into my flesh
This blood flowing seems all fresh
This is my dark sacrifice
For a minute it felt nice
Holding you, closing my eyes
This moment I loved now dies
Why am I always so weak?
Giving in, kissing your cheek
Go away you heart killer
Telling me I should love her
Soon this love will be my death
As I'm taking my last breath
Here I die and here I fall
When no one answers my call
The bus keeps speeding away
A good ending don't you say?
Away from you I remain
You can't cause any more pain
My death is cold and silent
The wind outside, so violent
Screams your name right in my ears
You who brought back all my fears
The suffering must stop now
In this world I will not bow
Saying goodbye forever
But I won't go back to her
Kill me kill me I beg you
Can't you help me going through
Don't look away and cut it
Cut my throat, make my vein split
Watch my blood flowing away
Don't you have something to say
"Gomen" will not be enough
You will soon have to be tough
Seeing my corpse on the ground
It's the only way I found
To make the pain go away
But forever you will stay
So watch my blood and suffer
Cause you told me to love her

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