The Year 2050 as I see

by Ritika Bawa Chopra
(New Delhi)

The year 2050 as I see,
will be as easy as ABC,
with robots running like crazy,
working as hard as the bees,
cleaning, washing and cooking,
will all be done as quick as lightning,
by just a press of a button,
one would reach its wanted destination.

The cars would not run on petrol,
as the budget would not be in control.
They would have to be given wings,
to move as swiftly as the swings.

We would touch the sky and come back,
as quick as a wink.
And never would we require
to pen down our thoughts using ink,
we think and the words are spoken
as promptly as out of a machine.
This I hope becomes the scene,
of our upcoming future
as it all seems as pretty as a picture.

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