THE ZOO(Exercise in Alliteration)

by meghana

Aging alligator ambles along amiably ,attacks abruptly

Big brown bear bounces boisterously, brawls brazenly

Cheerful chatty cockatoos click-cackle continuously

Docile deer delicately doze,day dream ,drool

Enigmatic elephants, ears erect, embody easy elegance

Fruitbat flies frantically, flapping furry wings furiously

Grumpy grandpa gorilla glowers,grudgingly giggles

Hulky hippo huffs haughtily, head held high

Jazzy jaguar,jerks ,jumps,jousts,jostles jauntily

Lazy lame lion lingers ,liver lunch long gone

Mischievous monkeys make merry,mimic men ,mime

Posh peacock prances proudly paints pretty picture

Regal rhino rumbles ,raises rousing royal salute

Tiger’s thunderous tone threatens, triggers tremors

Villainous viper viciously veers vows vengeance

Zealously zippy zebra zestfully zizagzags ,zooms by

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